Introducing your regularly scheduled disruption from the Internet

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Welcome to the SBC digital abode.

After much procrastinating, excuse seeking, head scratching, hashtag abusing, notebook doodling, wine drinking, soul searching, HTML coding and pencil chewing here it finally is:

The SwissBizChick site, HQ & blog.


I have many people to thank for being where and who I am today and subsequently for being able to kick  this site off. So there is ample kudoing to be expected in the not too distant future.

In fact, “Attitude of Gratitude” will be a regular series featuring some of the people who have mentored, inspired or otherwise hugely impacted my personal and professional survival and growth. This will include (but of course not limited to) stapler wielding ex-bosses (yup), Adam Cartwright (the original MIB!) and Spock (he’s probably not impressed). You have been warned.

Other than that I will use this site as my canvas, archive, notebook and platform to collect and share experiences and insights from my experience in The Business (of) Life.

If you don’t find the prospect of  slightly off kilter mix of information about professional growth and personal development inter-dispersed with random pop culture lore, song lyrics or literary quotes daunting: Grab a snack and proceed directly to ‘Go’.

Otherwise, now would be a good time to head back to whence you came from (Facebook? Twitter? The Old Farmer’s Almanac for raising chickens?). It’s ok. We’re good.

Still here?


So let’s dive in and start this off right with personal insight Nr 1 and the foundation for this here website:

A good sense of humour will get you through almost anything.

In fact, over the years it has become my personal Weapon of Choice when dealing with very difficult situations. Apparently, I am not the only one to adopt this principle as you are here. So welcome, again, I look forward to rocking this with you.

Take it away, Mr. Walken….